Murder Mystery Case File - Flight

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Marisa Hightower was murdered on an international flight from San Francisco to London. On that flight were friends and acquaintances of Hightower, all headed to London to partake in a substantial inheritance from Oliver Foggleton, Hightower’s ex-husband. Anyone could have committed this heinous crime. It is now up to you to solve this mile-high murder.

Case files packed with physical and digital evidence, which puts the player in the detective's shoes. Players think like a detective and work alone or with others to determine the motive, means, and opportunity of each suspect to solve the case.

Contents: 27 Pieces of Case evidence, 12 Suspect and Evidence Photos, 5 Newspaper Articles, 3 Magazine Articles, 1 Air Marshal Notebook, Instructions and Suspect Sheet, Online Hints and Solutions
*Recommended for 1 or more players, ages 14+. (age 9+ for advance readers or gifted kids)