Murder Mystery Case File & Jigsaw Puzzle

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Murder Mystery Party Case File with 5 mini jigsaw puzzles and 1 Murder Board jigsaw puzzle (1000 pieces). You must create, search, and solve this crime investigation using your sleuthing skills and wit to identify motive, means, and opportunity. If you can piece together the series of events, combining the murder board and provided evidence, you will solve another case!

Meghan Rogers, a 24-year-old local female and scientific researcher at pharmaceutical giant Biopharm, was found dead in an old, abandoned section of tunnel near Holborn Station, with no visible signs of forced trauma. She was seemingly well-liked, but there are several suspects to consider and investigate in order to solve the crime.
Contents include: 1 750-Piece Murder Board Puzzle, 5 50-Piece Evidence Puzzles, Detective Journal, Multiple Reports and Physical Evidence Pieces

Augustus Millbrae, owner of the Bohemia Gallery in New York, was hosting the Art of Murder exhibit. Somehow, Augustus became part of the art exhibit when he was impaled on one of the gallery pieces. Now all of the exhibit artists are claiming they committed the murder as their art values increase. Only one artist could have done it and it is up to you to solve the crime! Who had the motive, means, and opportunity to kill Augustus?
Contents include: 1 750-Piece Murder Board Puzzle, 5 50-Piece Evidence Puzzles, Suspect Reports, Newspaper Article, Magnet, Other Evidence Pieces

*Recommended for 1 or more players, ages 15+. (age 10+ for advance readers or gifted kids)