Mystery Dinner Game - Death By Chocolate

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It's April 15, 1900, Easter Sunday, and Paris is the center of the world's attention as millions of visitors arrive for the opening of the International Exposition this weekend. Amongst them is an elite but diverse group of individuals staying at the Hotel Paradiso.

As they gather for dinner, however, the peace of the hotel is rocked by an explosion. Billy Bonka, the foremost chocolate manufacturer in America, is found dead in his room, having apparently been killed by an explosive Easter Egg. Suspicion falls on the people around the table. One - or more - of you is the murderer. Your task is to discover who that killer is.

Recommended for 6-8 players, ages 16+. (age 11+ for advance readers or gifted kids)

Contents include: Party Planner, Character Booklets, Name Tags, Party Invitations and Envelopes for each Character, Video Access